Asus Laptops for Under $300

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In the last few years a number of smaller competitors have taken a big slice of the computer market from more established companies like IBM and Toshiba. This is especially true at lower price points where companies like Acer,  Lenovo and Asus have grown exponentially while proving that consumers don’t need to spend a ton of money to buy a reliable computer.  Asus,  a Taiwan based company, is, as of 2012, the fifth largest computer maker in the world, producing some of the best low priced laptops and smaller mini-laptops or netbooks out there.

This review will look at their best laptops available for sale under $300 One of the most intriguing machines that Asus has put on the market in the last year is the 10.1 inch Transformer Book T100 that can be found online for $299 and is the perfect union of the laptop and the tablet, allowing users the best of two worlds at an incredibly low price. Although this machine could be considered a netbook due to its size, this doesn’t mean that users will need to sacrifice the functionality of a full-sized laptop to buy this computer; it comes pre-installed with a full version of Windows 8.1 and its quad core 1.33 Ghz Intel processor means that it will run most of the same programs and games as a full size laptop with the convenient addition of a touch screen. This screen can also be removed from the keyboard and used as a tablet for many basic functions.

Those looking for a full-sized Asus laptop in the same price range as the T100 need look no further than the 15.6 inch F55A-ES01. This machine, which has been discounted as low as $250 by some retailers may be the cheapest full sized laptop on the market. As such, this machine’s specs are rather basic: it runs on a dual core 1.8 Ghz Intel processor, has a relatively small (320 GB) hard drive and a 0.3 MP web cam. Still, for the needs of most users it will be more than adequate.

Other options for Asus laptops in this price range are the 10.1 inch Asus 1015E-DS01 which is cheaper than the T100 but runs an older operating system (Windows 8) and can’t be transformed into a tablet. However, it does offer most of the functions of a full sized laptop at a greatly reduced price if users are willing to make some small sacrifices.

Finally, for those willing to spend just a little bit more ($340) there is the 14 inch D450CA-AH21 which is a good compromise between a full sized laptop and the smaller netbooks in terms of screen size and power.

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