Budget Acer Laptops Under $300

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A laptop is a very useful accessory as it takes up less space than a personal computer and you can use it anywhere if you have a Wifi connection. It is wise to make several decisions before you go out shopping for your laptop as it will save you both time and money.

First you need to decide how much usage you want to get out of it and how much you can afford to spend, that will help you to look for the correct size of laptop. It will also save you time if you look for a specific make and you cannot go wrong with an Acer, one of their laptops will put you ahead of the game.

Being such a well-known brand you may think that Acer is well out of your price range and indeed if you go for one of their latest ultra-thin touch and type laptops you will be paying out a lot of money But you can also get Acer laptops under $300.

Depending on your budget you can find a really good refurbished Acer laptop. You might worry about going for a nearly-new laptop when the work you will be doing is so important you can’t afford to lose it, but you can have absolute confidence in a refurbished laptop as they are basically new but have been returned to the factory to have any problems fixed and are then sold with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. They work perfectly well and the only issues you might have are cosmetic like a scratch on the lid.

Currently on the market is a refurbished Acer 11.6″ chromebook PC which has everything you need on a laptop with Chrome OS already installed and you can get this for a bargain price of $169.

You will generally find the cheaper laptops are smaller with 10″ to 11″ screens but the Acer laptops under $300 tend to be bigger and are not often referred to as notebooks like the other brands. but they are perfectly suitable for surfing the net, doing project work, listening to music, watching movies and more.

The best Acer laptop you can get within your $300 budget is the Acer AS5250. This is a top quality laptop at a budget price. The Acer One Netbook is also within your price range and comes in a range of four colors,black, blue, red and white and this eye-catching laptop costs just $179. The problem with Acer netbooks is they are so popular they are often out of stock.

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