Laptops Under $300 in 2014

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bestlaptop2014The laptop market has continued to thrive throughout the decade and still accounts for a large portion of the PC market worldwide. As technologies rapidly get more powerful older technologies become increasingly cheaper for the public. In 2014 there are more options than ever when searching for a laptop under $300 for work or play.

On the flipside, many laptops in this price range offer below par performance for many applications and are only generally suitable for basic users. If you need to use applications such as photoshop or intend on placing fully fledged PC games then at this point you are better off saving up some more and going for a laptop in the sub-$500 range.

If you are a student who simply needs a portable PC for work and browsing the web then you’ll be glad to know that a laptop in this price range can certainly satisfy your needs provided you make the right purchasing decision. The key as always is doing product research and reading as many reviews as possible. Sites such as LaptopNinja offer guides to laptops under $300 that can help speed up the buying process and point you in the direction of the top models currently on the market.

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There are a ton of bogus reviews sites out there with thin content that will block you in your journey Рas a rule of thumb use top sites such as CNet and LaptopMag for finding reviews. The problem is that unfortunately most budget laptops fall under the radar of the largest publishers as they are more focused on more high-end models Рin this case your best bet is to troll through Amazon reviews and user reviews on other sites to get a good idea of what the model you are looking at can offer and if previous buyers have any negative feedback.

Needless to say it helps to know the tech jargon involved when it comes to laptop hardware specs – ideally you’ll want a dual core processor and at least 4GB of RAM to get the most out of your machine. Above all do the research first and you won’t be disappointed.

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