The Top 2014 Netbook Laptops under $300

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Netbooks are mini laptops that offer most of the same benefits as a laptop. They are lighter in weight, smaller in size and easier to transport. Netbooks are idea for taking notes in class and for running office related programs for work. This type of mobile computing device is also great for using in outdoor environments where carrying a laptop could prove problematic. There are many different types of laptops under 300 dollars. Here is a list of netbook models that are priced within this range.

First up is the Asus X102BA-BH41T. This particular device is a netbook and tablet all rolled up into one device. Users can connect the 10-inch tablet to the specially designed keyboard in order to have a functional netbook or they can use the 10-inch touch screen tablet separately from the keyboard. The Asus X102BA costs $249.00 and it is capable of running Windows 8 computing system for tablets.

Samsung provides users with some amazing netbooks which are priced below $300. One netbook model that that’s a hot seller at this price from Samsung is the Chromebook. This particular netbook has built in virus protection, updates automatically and functions like a tablet. This particular netbook does not have a touch screen and an owner cannot run software programs or watch DVDs on the device but it is lightweight, durable and very dependable for accessing Google Play Store, watching online movies and playing games.

Acer is a company that is known for making netbook devices and one popular model is the Acer Aspire One AOD237. This particular netbook is priced just under $300. It has a 10-inch screen and a built in web camera. This particular model is capable of using Windows 7 or 8 operating systems and offers users 250 gigabytes of storage space.

Gateway was once known for making PCs and while they still manufacture some PC models that have also made netbooks for consumers that are easy to manage and carry. The Gateway LT2802u is a decent netbook that has 250GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and a 10-inch display. The netbook is easy to set up and use and requires very little tech knowledge to set-up, operate and to manage. The Gateway LT2802u is priced at $279.00. These are some of the best netbooks and laptops under $300 that are available on the market for consumers. They can be purchased at computer stores and online.

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