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A current laptop that is beginning to under-perform or is taking to long to complete simple tasks means an upgrade may be necessary. Consumers who have tried every technique to speed up their system will need to consider other solutions. Research is necessary to determine the best system that is able to be a good fit for a specific budget and performance needs. There are many top laptop review sites available to search for the best selections.


This is a popular site for consumers to find various reviews of various laptop models. A product can be found by performing a search based on model, laptop type, manufacturer, product line, and budget. An assortment of options that include hard drive, total memory, and weight can also be used to narrow any product search. Any consumer looking to upgrade or being a laptop search needs to start here first. The site is one of the top laptop review sites on the Internet.


Consumers looking for great reviews for the latest laptops on the market should go to this site. There is a large database of products with reviews written by a developing community. A laptop review includes all the specifications a consumer will need when comparing laptop features.


This is another popular site consumers can use to find laptop reviews. Consumers can search the site to find specific models or to narrow down available selections. Consumers can easily compare features of each laptop by simply viewing the listed specifications. One thing to keep in mind is this site will get most of its information from Cnet.

Notebook Review

A consumer can go to this site to find a specific laptop to meet their needs. This site has reviews which are similar in style and specification to Cnet. However, consumers will have the option of clicking on a link to purchase a product. There are also promotional coupons that are also available. Coupons can be used for HP, Sony, and Lenovo products.

PC Magazine

Consumers can go to the Laptops section of the site for product reviews. Every laptop review will include a MSRP and product specifications.

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